Our main objective is to provide uncompromising customer service and satisfaction irrespective of the type of product or service offered thereby building great strategic partnerships.

To create value and make a difference in the field of education


To realize our Vision through efficient communication, honesty and respect towards our team, clients and other entities we deal or partner with by bringing in state-of-the-art software technologies and top-notch project expertise

Our Quality Policy

Our key responsibility is to deliver maximum value to our customers worldwide. In fulfillment of this effort, with the help of our dedicated teamwork, we pledge to take the leadership both in development and technology of e-commerce solutions. To adhere in letter and spirit to the technical requirements, laid down systems, on-schedule delivery and inbuilt quality – all essential for our products to be consistently the first choice of our customers


Long race runner

Big, multifaceted projects can be achieved only when you have reliable stakeholders: business partners, customers, employees, suppliers. This proved to be correct. Those who can engage themselves in the long run are those that are to be most challenged and will be most satisfied when achieving the finish line.


Outstanding people make this company outstanding. To share and learn by sharing is an attitude that one must have if there is a willingness to develop both professionally and personally. After all, knowledge can be unlimited. As a team we can evolve only by sharing the know-how, experience and  best practices.


We are devoted to a goal and passionate about what we are currently doing. We believe that dedication uplifts the quality of the work.

Receptive and flexible

We understand that we need to be receptive to new challenges – technology and business  alike. Flexibility, means to be able to adjust yourself and the using the given resources to comply to the customer’s requirements while maintaining a win-win situation.


Business ethics / professional ethics guide all our activity. Integrity, consciousness, respect for work and peers, responsibility and correctness – all these define our understanding of an ethical attitude. It is very important to be true to our principles, keep our promises and do what we truly believe to be right.