Companies conduct group discussion after the written test so as to check on your interactive skills and how good you are at communicating with other people. The GD is to check how you behave, participate and contribute in a group, how much importance do you give to the group objective as well as your own, how well do you listen to viewpoints of others and how open-minded are you in accepting views contrary to your own. The aspects which make up a GD are verbal communication, non-verbal behavior, and conformation to norms, decision-making ability and cooperation. You should try to be as true as possible to these aspects.

Evaluation of a Group Discussion

A Group Discussion is evaluated on the following parameters:

                               Your Knowledge of the Topic
                               Communication Skills
                               Leadership Quality
                               Self Confidence
                               Decision Making and Facilitating Skills
                               Ability to think on ones feet

GDs can be topic-based or case-based.
Topic based Gds can be classified into three types:-
                               Factual Topics
                               Controversial Topics
                               Abstract Topics