Siltek is a web development company specializing in transforming your software requirements into high performance web solutions. We have experience in delivering custom web applications across a multitude of industries and business environments.

Custom Web Applications

We combine design and development skills with extensive experience to deliver personalized web solutions on budget and on time. Our Agile and Kanban based development processes ensure that we can rapidly deliver software that is exactly what your business requires. This advanced methodology ensures that we build in quality from the very start of your project and deliver working software frequently to continually gather your input for feedback into the application development process.

Outsourcing your web application to our talented software engineers ensures that the final delivery will be scalable, extensible and easy to maintain. An accurately engineered solution is essential to ensure expensive rewrites are not required and maintenance costs are kept low.

Whatever device you want to target whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or PC or all at once; our expertise with web based services and building extensible frameworks ensures that we can architect an efficient and cost effective solution that can easily be adapted to the new upcoming platforms and technologies.

Enterprise Portal Development

Our expertise enables us to build high performance intranet and extranet solutions that scale across the largest of enterprises. Backed by our world class database experts we have the capability of processing terabytes of data in real-time and supporting hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections. Security and availability are our prime objectives for business critical systems and we can provide a range of options for load balancing, failover and encryption depending on your requirements.

Cloud Solutions Building applications for the cloud or Software as a Service (SaaS) can be a cost effective solution for many businesses. Reduced infrastructure costs and easy scalability make cloud based applications a great choice for start-ups. At Siltek, we have extensive experience delivering outsourced cloud solutions with both SQL Azure and Amazon Web Service

Siltek empowers you with its top notch and state of the art website designing, programming and development services backed by ongoing maintenance support driven by latest technological advances. Our exemplary track record encompasses design and development services pertaining to corporate websites of multi-functional and intricate web portals.

Siltek has the complete resources to comprehend the technical and business dimensions of websites. With the help of our dedicated expertise, we create bespoke website solutions to maximize the efficiency and competitive edge for our clients.

Our expertise in providing top drawer web development, web design and e-commerce software development services and maintenance of state-of-the-art internet applications pertaining to myriad industry and segments helps us create seamless and trouble free solutions for diverse market verticals.

Professional Front-End Designs

With immaculate use of the latest design tools and Web 2.0 trends, our designers visualize and create exclusive designs for your website which represents the uniqueness of your business idea, allowing your business and online presence to stand different from the online clutter.

It is contingent upon our brand and design visualizers to go in-depth into all the elements of the front design so as to create a delightful user experience for all our customers.

  • Appealing and Professional Style
  • Simple and easy User Interface
  • Simple but effective navigation
  • AJAX based front end interactivity
  • Dependable layout and corporate identity

Comprehensive Back-End Programming

In order to gain success from your website, as an online business, you need powerful and highly efficient back-end functionality. Siltek has the unique ability to comprehend and interpret your business imperatives in technical terms giving us the complete wherewithal to customize solutions that are centered on modular agile development, which allows you unlimited options of scalability with regard to existing or new functions for your website, at a very reasonable cost.

Our experts are highly skilled at devising super-efficient and highly dynamic web applications by deploying cutting edge technology which results in seamless and user friendly interface. Siltek provides you with the backing of a comprehensive suite of back-end development services that encompass dynamic page and element generations, database design and implementation, advanced and highly efficient search functions and provision for information encryption and security.