Every student aspires to make it big in the corporate world. However, not everyone gets to start the career on a promising note. Most students suffer from a mix of under-skilled and under-exposed. Under-skilled refers to the situation where the student does not have the right skills that industry is looking for. These skills could be a mix of behavioral, communication, cognitive or technical in nature. Under-exposed refers to the situation where student has the requisite skill-set but is not able to connect to the right organization that needs candidates with that skill-set.

So it is a necessity that the students are made aware of the existing benchmarks so that they equip themselves with the right industry-relevant knowledge that would get them their dream jobs. Exposure to the nuances of behavioral, communicative as well as technical skill-sets gives the students an edge in the selection procedure of any company as it gives them the ability to prove their abilities to the organization.

Siltek Campus Recruitment Training provides specialized career training for technical, management colleges, universities and leading educational institutions. Our trained professionals provide guided programs to raise the level of proficiency, professionalism and effectiveness within the institution, the student body or the continuing education community.

Siltek’s CRT entails the following:

 Aptitude Test

 Group Discussion Process

 Interview Skills