Siltek Software Solutions (I) Pvt.Ltd is one of the leading global IT development and Training centre where you can achieve your dream role in database technology also. We offer training various database technologies like Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server etc. 

                 Oracle is one of the most in Demand technology popular and finds its applications in Database design, Applications, DBA, ERP, Complicated operations of Business Intelligence, data warehousing etc can be comfortably handled by Oracle Software. With growing Diversity of Oracle software usage, one needs to take a good counseling regarding choosing right Course or package in Oracle 10g or 11g.

We at siltek offer Industrial quality Oracle training in following packages
                                • Oracle SQL /PL SQL
                                • Oracle Developer
                                • Oracle DBA
                                • Oracle Apps
                   MySQL is a Relational Database Management System that runs as a server, which stores databases, and provides access to those databases to multiple users. MySQL is highly used with PHP to create dynamic websites. MySQL is the most popular open-source database management system in the world. Some applications which use MySQL are Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. It is also widely used as the database for web applications and here with Siltek you get all these.

SQL Server:
                    Microsoft SQL Server 2012 training at Siltek covers all aspects of Microsoft's premier database system for all sizes of business. Learn to build and manage SQL Server databases with our SQL courses. Our SQL Server Training Courses provide the skills needed to build a solid foundation for SQL Server development.