Android has been developed by Google Inc. It has become the most used and powerful tool in Mobile Systems today. This course is focused to help students understand the potential of Android and have a good working knowledge of the tool. Android is an open-source mobile platform, based on the Linux kernel. Because of Android’s open-source license, there are virtually limitless opportunities in software development for the platform. The proper Android training in using its API, the Software Development Kit (SDK), and the tools will help you unlock your potential as an Android developer. We at Siltek currently offer Android training classes in application development, advanced Android, and Android platform internals.

Introduction to Android Development training class teaches attendees how to develop applications for phones, tablets, and other mobile devices running the Android OS from Google.

Focus area: The Basics, Role of Java, Android SDK, Unit Testing and Debugging, Android User Interface, Styling Widgets, Layout, Advanced Widgets, Storing and Retrieving Data, Content Providers, Asynchronous Tasks, Location Services and Maps, Accessing Remote Services, Application Fundamentals, Web View etc.