Frequently, the expectations of the end user are not met by packaged, mass-produced software that is sold and these softwares tend not to address the specific issues of internal systems. Most business systems tend to need custom solutions, ranging from the integration of existing software with small changes, or entire solutions that are drafted, manufactured and implemented from scratch.

Siltek has been providing software development services for a wide variety of clients worldwide, to help them achieve the edge over the competition. This objective is achieved by delivering complete solutions that are specifically tailored to the needs of the client.


Our teams will provide as much expert advice and support as you need, from initial design and prototyping to the final delivery.

Delivering to your Requirements 

We speak your language and value communication above all else. We work with our customers to fully understand the business value and the expected ROI - the most important factors to delivering a successful project. We aim to over deliver by concentrating on what is important to YOU.

On Time, On Budget

Leveraging the agile development methodologies, we will constantly present innovative features and modifications for review throughout the development phase. This process reduces the risk of inadequate requirements and late deliveries which are so common with the traditional “waterfall” method. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery – backed up by scalable offshore software development teams – ensures that we keep our promises.

Industry Knowledge

We have successfully delivered custom software to customers across in many industries including finance, pharmaceuticals, retail, telecoms, automotive and health care to name a few.

Long Term Relationship

At Siltek, we believe in partnering with our customers. Once the project is complete, we will be there to support you with roll-out, user training, maintenance and any future change requests for as long as you require.

Our Development Processars of real world experience

There are as many different approaches to the software development life cycle as there are for project teams. Our methodology is a fusion of Lean and Scrum. We believe this blended approach offers the best return on investment (ROI) available.

Our development process flows around the following 3 core principles:-

Delivery on time and on budget

Meeting customer expectations and keeping our promises is our fundamental value. By using short time-boxed iterations, a high level of automated test coverage and continuous integration we ensure your project will not overrun due to poor quality control, unpredicted integration issues or undiscovered requirements.

Customer is involved in the development process to the possible extent

Even with the best development team in the world, if what is built is not what the customer wants, the project is a failure. Using an iterative approach to development enables working software to be delivered frequently so that feedback can go into the next iteration quickly with minimum waste.

Quality Is Paramount

Quality control is built into the development process from the very start by adopting Lean principles. Each project has dedicated quality assurance engineers assigned who work alongside developers as equals.